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So how do you go about it?How do you create a cosy interior?When buying our dream home, we image where our things will go, what it will look like, what colour the walls will be and what kind of pillows we will buy.

Sometimes, however, this endeavour can be overwhelming as designing the interior of a whole apartment is not a simple task. It can become a game of expectation vs reality when the ideas in our head don’t look like we imagined. So how do we go about it all?How can we create a cosy interior where we will feel good?

At such moments, it is worth considering working with an experienced interior designer.

The advantages of working with an interior designer are many. First of all, they are familiar with the latest market trends.

If we are completely out of stylish and fashionable ideas for our home, the designer will create a design for us that will reflect our taste and expectations.

Another great advantage is saving time. We won’t have to concern ourselves with the progress of the project as that will be the responsibility of the designer. Additionally, they will estimate costs and select the materials required to carry out the project. Their knowledge and experience will certainly help avoid additional unnecessary alterations, which will also shorten the process of finishing the interior.

Another plus is the financial savings. It may seem that the architects’ costs alone will be a financial burden, however, it often turns out that this working relationship may help us keep more money in our portfolio. Based on their experience and knowledge, the architect will know what to pay attention to. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary reworking or major project changes and save us from additional expenses such as buy more building or finishing materials.

Yet another positive aspect is that the interior designer understands not only what is currently on trend but what is durable. Therefore, they will be able to advise which materials will serve for many years and which should be avoided because of the short life-span.

In a situation where we are decorating a luxury apartment, working with a well-known and valued designer will certainly increase the prestige of this property. If we ever wanted to sell such an apartment or rent it, the name of the designer will certainly attract the attention of buyers, for whom this will be an important aspect.

Thanks to the knowledge of the market and suppliers, the designer will know where to buy the best materials required for the job.  They can also supervise the work-this, in turn, will translate into time saved for us.

The key issue is the moment when we decide to undertake such a project. Certainly, the sooner we decide on it, the better. When a designer is given a blank canvas in the Form of an apartment or flat, it gives them the widest range of possibilities, thanks to which they can offer us the most convenient decorative solutions. They will draw our attention to important aspects and advise which solutions will minimise the cost of designing the interior.

Echo Investment works only with experienced interior designers.

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